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Painting Murals at Kidwai Institute of Oncology Jan-2015

Nimi and her students painted the walls of the Kapoor ward for children. The Inmates/children too participated, thus making them smile and forget their problems for a short while.

Holocaust 2008

Nimi was invited to have an exhibition at the "Holon Theatre" on the Holocaust Memorial Day. Present were the Ambassador of India - Arjun Singh, The Minister for Social Welfare, Mayor and many other dignitaries who were touched by the effort of a foreigner. This was indeed a feather on her cap and made India proud!

She had an opportunity to meet some of the survivors, who were extremely anxious and happy to meet her and narrated their experiences.

Charity Dinner - In aid of the blind 2008
A Charity Dinner was hosted by the "Atria Hotel" in aid of the blind.

Expressions 2006
Art show sponsored by the "ITC Windsor Sheraton & Towers" titled 'Expressions' was based on portraits in oils. Part of the proceeds was given to the Kidwai Institute of Oncology. On request by the Director, murals were painted on the walls of the paediatric ward by Nimi and her students along with the enthusiastic inmate children.

Holocaust 2005

The "Taj West End" hosted a very unique exhibition of Black & White oil paintings with Holocaust as the theme. Every single canvas depicted a story and the atrocities that took place during the Holocaust Era.

Jews from all over including the Ambassador of Israel in India was present. This show touched the hearts of many and was widely appreciated.

Walkathon - Autistic Awareness Programme 2005
A Walkathon was organised on M G Road as part of the Autistic Awareness Programme wherein a number of Autistic & Spastic children took part. This was followed by a painting event and all the children brought out beautiful works of art. This was in turn given to Corporates for calendars and greeting cards.

Charity Dinner - Manipal Poor Patients Fund 2004
Charity Dinner hosted by the "ITC Windsor Sheraton & Towers" was held in aid of the Manipal Poor Patients Fund. The cheque was handed over to Mr Basil, the CEO of the Manipal Hospital and 13 under privileged children were treated with the same. This event was graced by the Hon. Governor Sri. Chaturvedi.

Art Show 2004
Art show sponsored by the "ITC Windsor Sheraton & Towers" and inaugurated by the Honourable Minister, Nafees Fazal. The theme was rural Indian landscapes (knife paintings in oils) and animals (like portraits of tigers, gorilla, lion, horses, etc.). Part of the proceeds was given to animal welfare organisations.

Painted Platter 2003
Display of paintings at the "Painted Platter", Bangalore.

Karunashraya 2002 & 2003
Art exhibition organised at "Karunashraya", a cancer hospice for terminally ill cancer patients and was inaugurated by a young boy, Anand, an inmate of the hospice Proceeds went to the same hospice.

Art Show 2001
Art show sponsored by the "ITC Windsor Sheraton & Towers" and inaugurated by Smt. Rama Devi, Governor of Karnataka. The theme was nature with a mix of landscapes, seascapes & nature and the predominant medium being oils. Part of the proceeds went towards the treatment of cancer patients.


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