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The Nakshatra Art Foundation is an NGO whose primary objective is to create awareness on several noble causes and help the underprivileged (in particular women & children) through a movement called "Charity Through Art". The Foundation has a very unique approach in dealing with causes as it strives to be very inclusive in the sense that it not only raise funds for causes but also involves the beneficiaries in the process thereby making them feel beautiful inside out.

A number of events & activities have been organized in order to strengthen the above mentioned endeavor of the Foundation which includes Solo Exhibitions, Charity Dinners, Walkathons, Art Workshops, etc.

Art exhibitions have been held at Karunashraya which is a cancer hospice for terminally ill cancer patients and the funds raised were used for the betterment of the patients at the institution. The inmates were made guests of honor and were asked to inaugurate the show and thereafter were also given free painting lessons which truly went a long way in making them feel accepted and a part of mainstream society.

An art show based on the Holocaust theme attracted Jews from all over the world and all paintings were in black and white, each narrating a tragic incident that had taken place during this era. There were portraits of Anne Frank, Oscar Schindler, the horrifying concentration camps, and many more depicted. These paintings were donated to the "Holon Theatre" in Israel and exhibited with great appreciation on the Holocaust Memorial Day. Nimi, through the Foundation, was the first Indian to do so and this was indeed a feather on her cap. She was honored and invited to Israel.

Charity Dinners have also been organized in a bid to enlighten people on the plight on many thousands of underprivileged people in India. One was held in aid of the Manipal Poor Patients Fund for the treatment of poor patients and yet another was one in aid of the blind.

Thereby it can be said that this Foundation is dedicated to several noble causes and in fact every event has a beautiful, telling and touching tale behind it and the one thing that unites all these causes is the love & passion for the arts and the potential that this has to make a difference in this world.

We look forward to your continued support towards our endeavor of charity through art and we will be uploading ongoing events on the website.


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Nimi Ravindranath, Nakshatra Art Foundation
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